This just blew my socks off – how well researched, structured and written this post is – which isn’t ever mentioning the importance of the message.

A Mind Divided

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We just celebrated a holiday devoted to giving thanks.  Doesn’t that seem a little weird?  Virtues don’t generally get holidays. Of course we make a big deal about love on Valentine’s Day, but hope and charity?  Bupkis.  If you stretched the definition, most religious holidays could be said to celebrate faith, and Veterans’ Day definitely honors bravery, but Chastity Day won’t be making an appearance soon.  Neither will Honesty Eve.

So, besides the traditional story of the Pilgrims and the Indians, why make a fuss about giving thanks?

I believe the celebration is left over from a time when the ancients understood the true power of gratitude.  Not just a virtue, or a Sunday School lesson, gratitude is actually a precise technology for creating health and happiness.  Only in the past few years has science caught up to this forgotten knowledge.

Gratitude is experienced in the same frontal regions of…

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