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Much has passed since the last time I had the energy to blog.   I’ve been told I’ve changed a few folks lives.  My own continues to shift and re-orient inclining me towards compassion and joy on the one hand; and the bitter part of that sweetness is the realization it’s a stone cold fact that sooner or later we all have to die.  So I walk a path of blended Christianity and Vipassana Buddhism exploring the world through the eyes of a child both with camera and without and I to see more each day with “the eyes of the heart.”  But the story behind the title line   is just too cool not to share and so my pick up blog (to get over the hump and begin sharing again) starts with a title that is an oxymoron, a riddle, and a conversation with K.B. over lunch yesterday.

Lunch began with the sharing of an epiphany that came to me last week courtesy of Richard Rohr’s thoughts in “The Naked Now” in which he says:  “I cannot emphasize enough the momentous importance of the Jewish revelation of the name of God” … YHVH or Yahweh…”in Hebrew this “word” YHVH is considered unspeakable and Rohr suggests that the sound of God’s name (Yod, He, Vav, He) is breath……..that the “Word of God was not spoken but was breathed..and the one thing we do every moment of our lives is speak the name of God.”

I read this 1 page Chapter and then took a walk.  As I rounded a bend the dazzle of light bouncing off the river and a starkly and stately and very dead tree stump stopped me in my tracks….and all I could do was breathe…and there it was so simple – a truth hidden right under our noses but hardly in plain sight.  From my Vipassana practices I know that great peace, abiding love, and the clarity of big sky mind are as close at hand and as available as the next breath….for me, my experiences of abiding love is what I image God.  Rohr’s take on this esoteric interpretation of Jewish tradition fits in fine with a Process theology or a Quantum physics view of imaging God and Self and World and I found it deeply liberating – as another way of opening to joy.

So,  I share this epiphany with K.B. and have her read the same text I had read.  I watched her expressions as her lips moved over the words I saw softening and delight break out.  She looked up at me with eyes as clear as can be and said:  “So, we humans spend millions of hours writing books, creating theories, and ideologies, developing systems, building religions, fighting wars, killing each other, healing each other persuading each other to believe that there is one right and true way to really say what the Unknowable and the Unspeakable God really  meant to say way back when – when the idea of God as beyond language and words first appeared.  When the recognition that there is no Christian way of breathing, no Moslem or Jewish way, not a Buddhist or Hindu, or Republican or Black, Hispanic way to breathe – and all my GLBTQ brothers and sisters we all breathe the same too……when we think on this Rohr observes, “lives are changed, faith is deepened,” and direct experiences of the divine are possible.

Rohr ends with a teaching but address only that which can be spoken about……….us.  Human beings and how we relate to each other, to our shared home this planet earth, and most importantly perhaps, how we love ourselves.

Just keep breathing consciously in this way and you will know that you are connected to humanity from cavemen to cosmonauts, to the entire world, and ever to the trees and the plants.  We are now told that the atoms we breathe are physically the same as the stardust from the original Big Bang.  Oneness is no longer merely a vague mystical notion, but a scientific fact.”

When K.B. said that we both cackled with glee and giving high 5’s I exclaimed “Yahoo” to which K.B replied “Yahweh!”  A good time was had by all.

 Let there be light and let us all allow our light to shine – our hearts to open – our minds to rest in the breathe of God.

char leaning onwards