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I awoke rested and anxious to get on down the road.  I was looking at a good 10 hour drive.  My anxiety was not about the driving time – it was about going back and what I might encounter.  I recognized it as an old anxiety and an old fear and I knew that lil bob was vulnerable to that anxiety and needed tending too.  So we sat.  He and I and I just held him and told him we could sit in the room as long as he needed.  And we did and the anxiety and fear eased and then left – and then so did we.

“Katherine said to “Go with ease and something else,” and I was excited and I was curious what that “something else” might be?  So I started examining what Ease means to me that I might see more clearly.   “Trust” immediately popped up. Trust underlies Ease, for me, and though the phrase “Go with ease” continued to tickle  me at a core level, I could not for the life of me, name it or go further with the thought.  I let it go.

Multiple massive wind turbines eerily spinning standing as giants over the scrub oak, the sage, and the sand of the Panhandle.  Anyone doubting the commitment to wind power just take a drive along Rt 66 where you can still get your kicks, and thankfully, I had the Best of Poco intermixed with some raunchy and wailing Freddie King and so with a certain kind of ease I continued to rock on down the highway trusting that when it was time it would come to me what the “something else” I was traveling with was going to be.

At dusk I crossed into Missouri and gave thanks for finally leaving the driving nightmare of Oklahoma,  and I started to sense the pull and the energy of the place where I had grown up reaching out to me and there was no stopping now. Fifteen miles from my old stomping grounds, my traveling companions made themselves known.  They just sort of popped up out of a place I’ve learned to trust, and they spoke right up introducing themselves as Confidence and Compassion and then saying no more.

I laughed.  We laughed – what a perfect fit!  Confidence and Compassion were riding along side Ease and Trust and Lil Bob, just Bob, Rob and Robert, all the energies that “I” am converged and agreed that these were very good traveling companions indeed.

To be continued…………….