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Mile after surprising mile we drove across a sliver of British Columbia to Sooke and then into the hills afterwards arriving at last at Point No Point.  A hidden resort the wife found in a travel magazine and which looked and sounded divine. A refuge perched atop a sliver of wind tossed hills and shifting shore lines along the Strait of Juan De Fuca, a passageway for whales and other migratory sea critters.   We got lost finding this place but once we did we settled right in and my first thought after securing the bedroom of choice was to run out the door following the trails leading to the beach, to the ocean, to home.

I found a boulder as strong as I needed it to be if not as strong as a mountain and perched high above the pounding waves and all that beautiful energy and motion, and rhythmic rocking and soothing I sat on top of that rock and wept with joy and gratitude and love these different qualities of the One acquire / reflect.  Simply put, as I gazed up at the Gulls hovering lazily upon columns of air and heat I could not sense but could imagine and knew two things: I was home.  All is One.

It was a simple moment of truth, a simple moment of becoming one with Life again after being away. Lost in thought, caught up in some dramatic vortex, or simply forgetting to be awake us humans so easily do.  In any case, it was a simple moment, it wasn’t intense per se, I didn’t feel overwhelmed more that  I felt welcoming and welcomed, I felt accepting and accepted of all that is by that same “all that is” and then the moment passed and I was once more simply sitting on a rock perched above the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean watching golden white Gulls hover like Angels on invisible “hands,”  feeling good, feeling ease-fully at peace, knowing I was (then) now and always held in this energy field of deeply abiding Love.

Then it was time to join the others and watch the sun go down.