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The flowers are gone for the season and the Autumn colors are fading fast. Snow has fallen and the morning air is cold and brisk with the smell of Sage rising from the dew soaked grass, and I continue traveling down a Buddhist path that teaches me life is precious and moments will not come again.  And I am at ease.

Going with GraceWith each passing of a season thoughts arise questioning how long I can continue going down on my knees to photograph a flower – how long can I continue playing in a rock n roll band?  How many more seasons will I have….how many more songs?   The knees creak and the eye has aged and what I see now – this year – I have never seen before and will never see again.  And I am at ease with this.

The night grow colder the days shorter and that which “I” was when younger is transforming.  Like an old leaf, “I am becoming more transparent…Like an aging blossom I am drooping and losing my color.  And I am at ease


I was sitting with an old man and I was lamenting all the time of my life I felt I had wasted when he stopped me cold in mid-thought.   “Thats not true!  You were spending that time so that you could be where you are now.”  And today, I am at ease and tomorrow, God willing, I’ll rock n roll!