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When I returned home from a brief and brisk afternoon walk with the dog my partner asked as she usually does “did anything eventful happen along the way?” Normally, I mumble “no, nothing” and head to the counter to give Tomo her treats only today instead  I stopped.  Pausing in mid thought stopping in mid speech and halting any further action….dropping thought and noticing mind-states, breathing and resting in that  quite space of in between.  And shared instead: “Yes it was an eventful walk…..

As I walked the hard clay road into the North straight into the face of some very wild looking clouds gathering and circling around our mesa top home I felt the wildness of life and it felt good.  I felt alive to the power and the awe, to the wild chaotic nature of Mother Nature and zipped up my coat and walked on.  There is a section of the road that is archetypal for me and strange things are known to happen when walking through that space.  There was a lull in the wind and a break in the clouds allowing wide swaths of rolling pasture land and bands across the road, to be bathed in warm and golden light as we crested the hill and gasping at the sight of the swirling clouds paused.  Not stopping my feet but pausing the flow of thoughts through the mind so that I might be mindful of walking and not so much off in my head.

With Tomo as the archetypal dog companion leading the way it seemed I was walking into eternity and then I realized it was not I who was walking but those energies of agreement those aggregates of Form which together become that which we think we are not realizing that the underlying energy of Formlessness which holds everything and which maybe can be perceived as space/time and certainly spoken of as God/Christ and which of course is holding the Form that we think we are together too until it is time to for that which we are to return to our True Nature – which as I understand it at this very early exploration of it – is the Formless…. God.  And this Formlessness is not empty but full and overflowing of Love.

I could tell by the blank look on her face that it was time to wind down my sharing and that instant of awareness was true nature just as slipping on a rock and the body instantly responding to prevent harm, is our True Nature. … “Perhaps our task is to learn to see that true nature works relentlessly to keep us safe from harm, to hold us in loving kindness and  occasionally moves to us and through us as compassion or what we name as such when we allow ourselves to experience the world as energy instead of just thoughts….”  At this point Tomo started barking demanding her rightful due to her daily treat so ego had no choice but to drop it and shut the dog up by giving her a treat.  Pre-occupied with other more important things I forgot that Tomo has a greedy mouth and a hard bite.  True nature cries Ouch!