Eager to practice softening some more and having nothing compelling to do otherwise, I returned to Blue Lake and to the Daylilies.  (I hope to have photographs up and running soon).  These are not elegant, multi-colored or multi petalled Day Lilies of the kind my own friend Sabine cultivated and grew in her backyard in Denver.  Nope.  These are scrawny everyday daylilies and they grow around and beneath apple trees out back near where Dawa lives.

Dawa, is the name of the Tibetan gardener Master Dave brought over many years ago to manage the flower beds at Blue Lake.  Dawa and I have been meeting in the garden usually near a Dalia blossom for many years now and he and I are old friends.  Dawa’s hair is greying and his eyes have a sort of pained look about them as the realization that he will likely never see his wife or his children again – or for many more years wears upon him.  Dawa and I have played with our cameras in the gardens before and he has had his head under my focusing cloth a number of times. Dawa and I have had an arrangement for several years now that I would help him learn how to use his camera and he would help me learn Buddhism. So today, I got another lesson.

Dawa loves to photograph and while Dawa  speaks very little English and reads even less and has recently asked me to help him learn how to download images from his camera to a computer and then how to upload them to FaceBook and today, out back by the day lilies Dawa was gnawing at the bit to learn.

Dawa’s mind is shrewd and sharp and his heart is calm and open and when one of us would hit a button that caused an image to disappear he would laugh and giggle and his joy and innocence was so infectious in no time I had joined him and together we happily pretended to delete images.  As I drove away, I realized Dawa had given me the opportunity to remember that doing for others is its own deep magic and as I giggled, I felt the world soften and spaciousness open up before me.