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It was a lovely day in “September when the leaves come falling down.”  Karen and I had not been married quite yet a year on that day.  She was 31 and in grad school and I was 32 revisiting puberty and sexual awakening from shooting up large quantities of testosterone, looking at porn or thinking of sex night and day – Never being told that T makes other people into something “you wanna fuck, fight or eat,”  Just doing what the “doctors told me to do,” believing then, I could inherently trust people with capital letters after their name.

We were in love and lust Estes Park. We had come up to see the fall colors and have some time away from Denver and grad school.  [sidebar] She was getting a Psy.D and me a Ph.D., I had aspirations of getting a private license plate reading: “Para dox.”  There weren’t many tourists as the days had been rainy and colder than usual for this time of year but the lack of people simply gave the old time streets and alleys of the town a more magical, romantic feeling and we walked hand in hand laughing and enjoying each other’s company, when we followed a bend and came upon Madam Vera’s.

And her doorway pulled us right in.

Madam Vera – Psychic.  Fortunes told.  Hand reading. Tarot. Now Karen is an enneagram  5 and I am a 4 and a Capricorn to boot while both of us have Moons in Capricorn and she Libra and me its Pisces rising, which all goes to say that we are exactly the type to have our fortunes told us, and we share the innocence and trust in our hearts and the hearts of others, to naturally believe.  And there was something about Madam Vera. Some vibe or something that drew us both into her space simultaneously

We had our hands read for 20$ each.  A bargain of the very best kind.  She told us many things only 1 of which either of us remembers but it has been a powerful and comforting 1.  Reading our “financial lines,” she told both of us “you will always have enough.”  We believe this to be true. How can it not be when  we are stardust. When we are noble of heart, when we are and/or when I become – We, the We  we are. [sidebar] as human consciousness shifts to a non-binary field of awareness and learns to relax and play there, hopefully our species will live long enough to allow our language to evolve to include non-binary perception and thought.  We are enough.  I am enough. We have enough. There is enough.

Love is boundless.   Our Creator is omnipresent. The hands foretell the expression of the soul and Madam Vera was one more way station – one more pointing to the Tao, to the mystery and magic of life and the awesome magnificence of the universe.  One more nudge along a path of relationship, a path of heart, a shared pilgrimage of our soul’s.

Our most recent financial advisor, with lot’s of capital letters after his name, suggested that we might find it possible to allow money to “nurture our souls.” And with a few budgetary corrections, some windfall predictions (inheritance) and more assumptions of life’s predictability than I can name, agreed that we will have enough – enough to take us into our 90’s.  Enough to live until we die.  And that’s good enough.

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