The Way of the Flower

It was mid-morning and I was punch-drunk from the blur of time that had swirled by ever since arriving at my teacher’s house the day before.  I had not spoken with Jerry for over a year and it did not matter – it never does with those to whom one is deeply connected – and I’ve been soul connected with Jerry for a long time……many times perhaps.  Who knows?

I met Jerry at a meeting for folks interested in the teachings of Rudolph Steiner (Montessori schools). Needless to say there were just the three of us and I was the only one in attendance that had no clue who Rudolph Steiner was.  That didn’t matter either. I didn’t go to that meeting to find out – I went to meet Jerry.  That was 35 years ago give or take.  He was my first friend in a new home town and…

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