working and re-working old stories

The Way of the Flower

In “Aging to Sage-ing,”Rabbi  Zalmon Schachter-Shalomi, explores the question of our true nature first, by eloquently re-imagining Freud’s basic premise of Eros and Thanatos representing the dual nature of Humanity, and in particular, re-working Thanatos (which Freud called the Death Instinct) by re-interpreting it as an inward energy that bestows a sense of sacredness and preciousness of life and invites us to complete our life by consciously aging and consciously dying.  He also gives us tools we can use to heal, forgive, let go, accept and hold our selves and our lives with compassion so that we might release energies bound up in old stories and cultivate courage and curiosity to challenge our beliefs and ask of our stories: “Is it true” and “what if??  Then allow the linch pins to fall and our stories to unravel or dissolve as they will.  No attachment – no contention.

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