Looks like as part of my reflections on this last decade of life, that I am going back to previously written entries and finding parts of myself all over again.

The Way of the Flower

My wife awoke to the news of yet one more family member on life support waiting to die and woke me to the news as well.  Those notes set a tone and a wall of silence soon separated us.  Quietly, we went about our Sunday rituals of salad at the Oasis, filling the water bottles, buying newspapers and food.  Much time was spent in the car, my eyes on the road and her’s off to the side, gazing out the window at the countryside.  Some how or another I had the good sense to keep quiet….To allow this space of non-talking to simply exist between us, holding it.  We held hands and walked from the car to the store but otherwise we did not speak – we maintained silence averting our eyes holding our thoughts choosing to maintain this space that held us.  (It was uncomfortable for some time and…

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