In our last blog and going forwards we intend to push the boundaries of conventional language and to upend the apple cart of gender and pronouns and kick that which keeps us separated and disconnected from all the other quirky and not so very quirky people of the world.  We will use we, us, our’s and ours in place of me or mine or my and most especially in lieu of using the BIG I that all of us at various times believes themselves to be.  I becomes us and we becomes they which becomes theirs that becomes them then becomes we becomes and ours becomes……a universe of possibilities.

We believe it is important to challenge the edges of language, to fiddle and twiddle with using shaped letters and words and old patterns with new possibilities to expand our shared human experiences, to move beyond the imaginary lines of bisected and binary comparisons, contrasts and competitions and lay the groundwork for bringing forth non-binary and unified expressions of “living and moving and having our being.”

We are in flux – we are in process as is the world, as is the universe, as is all creation including that which created us in their image.  Speaking only of Robert, we identify with being an xxy person, we identify psychosocially with being an intersex person, we can identify as heterosexual or bisexual or as asexual depending on the levels of Testosterone flowing in our veins,  and last but not least we identify as white and privileged in important and rarely examined ways.  Yes, we are quirky. Yes, we are outliers of society.