Master Florist,


Master Gardener, and 

Vessel of the Devic Realm

Leah, together with the energy of Love, of God, she offers the world flowers of significant spiritual heightening. The designs, fragrances, colors and essence are gathered in The Way of The Flower. No-thing is arbitrary in her work. ALL things are carefully, deeply considered from the single luminescent petal, to the grand flora blooming from of its rich root rising to its crown, to Leah’s gathering forming the opulence of your very heart’s desire. 

God in action is the blossom opening, radiating the energy of Love, the highest most powerful existing truth. This is The Way of The Flower, and Leah wants you to fall in love all over again and again with His majestic creation, THE FLOWER. 

Spirit of Flowers

I came into the world of Spirit on our Peace Star’s dreamscape, Earth’s extraordinary beauty. The magic of this world truly exists. I came in remembering. 

Encouraging me to keep remembering who I Am, verily was from the Spirit of flowers. At two with my mom and dad, in a canoe paddling in the clear, calm, sparkling waters on Lake Kakahi, Ontario, we floated where blooming water lilies filled my sight, and the Joy of life on this plane spread through my being.

During my third or fourth year, skimming my fingers on the  quiet waters of the bay, I had my first communing of the flower world with the lilies. All of my senses peaked. The fauna watched over and encouraged me forward. 

I searched for Jesus at four years of age. My grandmother told me Jesus was in me and everywhere. Such a simple yet profound explanation to a toddler who understood the magnitude of the Peace that came with those words. I picked my first beautiful bouquet. My little hands held dozens of violets. Fully in my heart center, spirit instructed me to give my first bouquet to my Mom.  

Later, the Peace Rose became a symbol for me, and I remain with Jesus in all of my days.

I spoke with the birds, the butterflies, the stick bugs and caterpillars. I sat and breathed with the trees feeling their energy coursing up through my spine. I talked with the them and all the little creatures that made up my world. I still do these things and I learn their secrets, their teachings. 

I have brought back to life a butterfly and a bee. 

What a dazzling world God is.

Always have I envisioned nestling right in to the fragrant, velvety incandescent petals of a rose. 

I opened the doors of my flower shop in Western Springs, Illinois, to all those who simply felt the Love and walked The Way into my place filled with flower Spirit.

What an honor it was to design their heart’s delight in flowers specifically as one-of-a-kinds to every one of my clients, friends-to-be.

Today, I remain in a peaceful world working with the spirit of the devic realm, the realm of all living beauty that surrounds every imaginable thing. This glorious realm we live with always grows and takes hold no matter what we are doing in our days here. Even in the crack of cement does a “dragon flower”, a Snapdragon grow tall

and strong. Resilience from all outer obstacles is forever possible with God.

In the floriculture work, I give and receive Love through the caring for flora and fauna. This world of precious life I pray and give the depth of my gratitude. 

We truly live in garden on a Peace Star. We too are the supreme parts of this garden, our Mother. 

May she always be tended with hearts wide open. 

In reverence, I thank God for All creations, for a place that shines , is dearly loved and dearly loved us.