Leah Kavan


Flora Chymist ~ Liquid Light Flora Chymistry

Master Florist

Reverent Linguist for Flowers ~ Lingua of Flowers©

Flora-Photographist ~ Florigraphs©


Leah’s Story


“Give them to your mom.”


Vibrancy and resilience is forever possible with God.


Leah offers the way flowers speak to us through her:
Flower Art ~ Floral Designs
Heavenly Fragrances ~ Delicate Essences ~ Extraordinary Elixirs
Sublime Healing Language of Flowers ~ Divine Messages
Photographs of Living Gems from her sovereign gardens

No-thing is arbitrary in her work.
All are deeply considered to show The Way of The Flower.
The Way is the lighted path to the heart of Love, God.
The Way is unconditional as are flowers opening and radiating love and truth.
The Way of The Flower awakens emotions, and causes a re-membering to connect us with one another and to All that is.
Flowers convey deepest desires from a single stem to bouquets of opulence to a field of flowers.
Immortalizing her flower art, every request may be accompanied with a written conveyance and a flora portrait.

Choose any or all:
Floral Art – Single Stem to any One-of-a-Kind floral order, or a blend of flowers based on the message you wish to give.
Photographs of Flowers – Florigraphs copyright of your flower orders or others available
Lingua of Flowers copyright – The meaning of your flowers in written conveyance
Liquid Light Flora Chymistry TM ~ Bottles of Divine liquid bouquets in glass vessels:
Elixirs ~ Essences ~ Fragrances
All are blessed and charged with the Sun, Moon and / or Star Light.

Leah’s flower art makes you fall in love again and again with His majestic creation, the flower.



I entered this life marvelling at our bountiful Earth Mother’s dreamscape of extraordinary flora and fauna.
With the spirit of flowers in my heart, I was encouraged, at a very early age, to begin my mission on the waves of love brought on by the world of flowers.
A toddler in a canoe with mom and dad on the clear sparkling waters of Lake Kakagi, Ontario, the awe of water lilies, frogs and dragonflies caught my eye.
Joy spread through my being.
I loved skimming my fingers on the warm mirrored bay communing with the lily pads, the fish beneath and the bubbles that rose up to the twinkling surface.
All of my senses peaked.
The fauna, I noticed, seemed to be watching over, and gladdened me to move forward in the earthly wonderland.

A long auburn hair child with green eyes, a kind of knowing swirled in my head as I looked into glossy tulips with macro-vision in mom’s garden.
“If only I could be tiny Thumelina, and fall in love with a Flower Prince.”
I gathered my first colourful bouquet.
I didn’t want to pick them all, and so I chose one here and one there in a grand patch of violets.
My little hands held dozens.
Immersed in profundity, a small voice whispered, “Give them to mom.” That’s when everyday became Mother’s Day.
(PHOTO violets)

I asked my grandmother one afternoon, “Where is Jesus?”
In a fraction of a second she replied, “He is in you. He is all around us.”
Euphoria filled my chest as I gazed near and far on the farmland.
It made sense to me during the conversations I had with the swallows, stick-bugs and Pineappleweed Matricaria discoidea.
Here I was, a young child, feeling the magnitude of Peace from Grandmother’s words because I knew He was always there.
I knew that The Way to Him was through the heart, especially when falling in love with a flower.
(PHOTO: PINEAPPLEWEED with latin nomenclature in italics)


A chaplet of daisies appeared on my walk one fine day.
This surprise gift took me back to the young girl days of making crowns of clover blossoms. It brought up the memory of the cherished daisy ritual. The anticipation of pulling petals from a daisy one by one awaiting the answer born on the last petal,
“He loves me.
He loves me not.
He loves me.
He loves me not.
He loves me!”
(PHOTO: A daisy a day with pearl bracelet)

Spirits of nature never escape my awareness, my peripherals, my olfactory, my touch and exchange of thoughts and feelings.
I shall never exist without loving our Mother’s beauty.
I speak with the birds, the butterflies, bees and toads.
I sit and breathe against the trees, feeling their energy coursing up through my centre.
I innerstand them all and how they make up our world.
I learn their secrets and their teachings while sharing fellowship with them.
I have brought back to life a bee and a butterfly.
What a dazzling synapse between the winged and a garden of flowers.