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Sensorium of the Body

The sensations from all sensory and spiritual knowing culminate into the sensorium of the body. With a term I now use, Sensorian, one brings into awareness to fully engage the sensorium of the body are all sensations of sight, smell, taste, touch, sound, life vibration and energy, emotions, feelings, and spiritual connection to All, to God.

On the Earth dimension, we can tone up and make better use of our senses whereby our actions become virtually observant by our true self, that which is occupying an earthly garment, a beautiful body.

As the sensorium of the body, or sensory faculties, powers up, we find ourselves animating our bodies from Source rather than from the egoic state.

You will know the gift of becoming a Sensorian when you put all aside during an experience of the All. Olafactory, smell and taste, is a gift that will accelerate the process to fully move into a sensorium state.

I Am a Tree, by Leah Kavan (


Allow yourself to quiet the mind to fine tune your sensorium to greater degrees. Learn to picture everything that has gone into that which you are focusing. Close your eyes and truly taste, smell, feel the miracle of a fruit and really give over to knowing every detail of how the fruit became. Hear the bees and smell the blossoms. See the sunlight and rain, feel the warm temperature, view the orchard and the one who lovingly handled the fruit. Smell the grass in the breeze and give thanks to God for all the sensations of earthly existence that became the fruit that sustains your body and connects you to all Earth gives.

To observe someone walking into my shop of flowers, immediately smell the fragrances and comment, “It smells soooo good in here,” is witnessing their sensorium working because I see it in their eyes, their deep breath, their body language, their vibration. When we think beautifully, speak and feel love, we add momentum of expanding love in the collective consciousness. We all contribute to collective consciousness. Be sure to feel and add to the locomotion that causes waves of joy.

Fully in the state of a Sensorian, flower shapes, colours, fragrances, names, origins, treatment of flowers and intention of flowers all become known. When this happens, flowers have fulfilled their mission to enliven our awareness of One.

Flowers show us The Way. Nature shows us The Way. All we have to do is be in the moment and enjoy what we experience.

Choose to smell, choose to see, feel, hear and taste beauty. The world is here and now. Stop and smell the roses. Go and smell the roses.

Our moment in the Light is right now.